Scientists Study A “rapid Response” Plan To Counter Climate Misinformation

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Donald Trump spread misinformation about Climate Change through a tweet. The Federal Agency that studies the Earth responded and highlighted the need to create a service to report the consequences of the greenhouse effect.

Donald Trump wrote a tweet calling for global warming to return to the strong wave of cold that hits the North  of the United States. 

The Federal Agency that studies the Earth refuted the argument, noting that snow storms are possible and even more frequent in warmer weather, through a tweet that challenged the President.

Independent Agencies vs. Trump.

The  Independent agencies  of the Federal Government of the United States are part of the executive branch, but not under presidential control. This is because the head of state has no power to replace the head of the agency.

Each agency operates on the basis of statutes that are approved by the United States Congress. They define their objectives, substantive areas and regulatory power, through Federal Law. For these reasons, they may object to Trump’s argument regarding climate change.

As a result of this event, the need for scientific advisers to spread the truth about climate change was highlighted . It was a recommendation included in a document for the National Academies.

National Academies will respond on Climate Sciences.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine are intended to provide objective guidance to those with decision-making power on strategic issues. They were created in 1863 to bring together the intellect of critical thinkers and respond to the challenges of policy with science, engineering and medicine at their center.

Through a meticulous process of information gathering, evidence analysis, and deliberation, the studies generated by the Academies provide models for understanding critical issues.

These organizations should also promote studies designed for Congress and public events. Part of this work should be aimed at clarifying doubts and avoiding that climate science can be ignored or presented in a wrong way.

The Academies want to make sure that Americans have access to objective information, totally unrelated to partisan warfare. They will be able to respond to tweets to keep the population informed about the consequences of Climate Change.

Once a misleading information is issued in relation to global warming, they will respond within 48 hours at the latest . The information source issuing the comment will be taken into account to activate the service.

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