Seat Launches A Shared Electric Car Program In Barcelona

SEAT launches a shared electric car program in Barcelona

One of the main brands of the Volkswagen Group, the Spanish SEAT, has launched a new fully electric car-sharing service in the city of Barcelona.

The new shared electric car service uses electric prototypes from the SEAT eMii, with the aim of focusing (at least initially) on the more than 1,000 employees of SEAT Metropolis: Lab Barcelona and Pier 01 Barcelona Tech City.

As noted in a press release announcing the news, the eMii electric prototypes are essentially versions of the Volkswagen e-Up. They are equipped with 18.7 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery modules and 60 kW electric drivetrains. Reportedly with a range of 160 kilometers (~ 100 miles) per full charge.

Batteries take 8 hours to charge at slow charge points and 35 minutes at fast charge points. Users can reserve a fleet car through a mobile application. After making the reservation, the system sends a digital key that allows the user to access the car with a single click, without the need for a physical key.

The data provided by the eMiis fleet will be added to the research and development of technologies led by SEAT’s digital laboratory.

In Madrid, Renault and Ferrovial have a joint venture called Zity to share electric cars.

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