Seaworld Puts An End To Its Orca Shows

SeaWorld announces end of orca show

The owners of SeaWorld in Southern California have finally given in to animal rights groups, and have announced that they are quitting one of their star shows. Starting in 2016, the orca show at SeaWorld will be history. Pressure from animal rights groups has taken effect, ending the dire conditions in which animals live.

Everything has precipitated after the issuance in 2013 of the documentary ” Blackfish “, which sparked an intense debate in American society about the way in which orcas live in these water parks and which led to visits to these types of parks, where exhibit animals in captivity, descended.

The documentary is a sample of how orcas suffer the consequences of being separated from their families to spend the rest of their days imprisoned in large tanks of water.

In Blackfish 2013, several former SeaWorld employees appear who accuse the park of hiding accidents that have occurred so as not to damage the big business that orca shows provide.

Orca SeaWorld

But the fight is not over, since they have not announced the end of the shows in their other parks in the US or outside their country, where they also work with orcas.

After “Blackfish”, SeaWorld tried to wash its image with a big marketing campaign, even announcing that they would spend US $100 million to make the tanks where the orcas live in San Diego bigger, but none of that stopped animal advocates. The California Coastal Commission will not approve the expansion of the tanks if SeaWorld does not end its captive orca breeding program, an action the company refuses to take.


But not only associations in defense of animal rights are exerting pressure, some politicians have also joined the fight. Case of the Democratic Congressman for California Adam Schiff who wants to introduce a bill to prohibit the captive breeding of killer whales, their capture in the wild, as well as their trafficking and sale, their import and export.

SeaWorld has announced that in 2017 they will launch a new “informative” event with orcas, which will take place in a more natural environment and will have an “environmental message that will inspire people to act”. But as the director of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Ben Williamson, tells us:  “The decision they have made is like stopping using lions in a circus show but keeping them locked up in cages”


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