Selfplug, Automatic Charging For Electric Cars With A Magnetic Automatic Plug

The French startup GULPLUG presents its charging system for electric cars that does not require human intervention at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Many automakers are convinced that charging electric cars is the last hurdle to a massive transition to electric mobility. This French startup believes it has found a solution to this problem with SELFPLUG, a simple infrastructure for charging electric vehicles that does not require a person to get off to manually connect the charging cable.

This solution uses Automatic Magnetic Plug (MAP) technology using a proprietary magnetic and conductive process.

This recharging product consists of a dome that can be connected to any normal household socket and a kind of built-in magnetic socket under the vehicle that comes out automatically. Once the vehicle is positioned over the canopy (within a 50 cm radius), the canopy and magnetic socket are automatically attached and connected.

SELFPLUG is completely safe, 100% efficient, “plug & play” in homes and offices, portable and practical.

GULPLUG will offer this charging system for autonomous electric vehicles such as those produced by Navya, which launched its taxis or autonomous delivery vehicles in Paris, for future electric and plug-in vehicles and as a retrofit system for existing hybrid and electric vehicles.

A solution that, in addition to facilitating recharging, especially at home, will prevent batteries from being left with too low energy levels for a long time that could damage cells in the long term.

In addition, the SELFPLUG can also be used effectively with Vehicle to Grid or V2G, such as the one that Nissan and Enel X are experimenting with, when cars connect to the electrical grid to balance it, delivering power from batteries when there is no need for move.

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