Shredder Container

shredder container

Jesús Pérez Santafé, from Zaragoza, is the inventor of a shredder container for the selective collection of urban solid waste and different special adaptations for each of the different types of waste, including the domestic shredder container.

This invention aims to contribute to current waste recycling systems by incorporating a mechanical system in current public garbage containers that allows them to reduce the volume of different types of solid urban waste from human consumption in their daily activity, treating thus avoiding the transformation of more natural resources and thus alleviating the irresponsible and abusive consumption of increasingly scarce raw materials.

And as the inventor himself says:

This system is based on a simple manual mechanism consisting of a sprocket system, by which it is possible to transform the simple movement of moving the upper opening sliding lid of the container, into a rotary movement of the blade shafts by which it is achieved reduce the volume of the different types of solid urban waste – be it packaging, cans, paper, organic matter, reject waste and even glass – based on a varied system of blades adapted to each of the different types of waste, – and that in the case of glass, they are replaced by a system of discs with hammers-, being enough to move it with the simple will of wanting to do it, aided by a pedal on which to make the weight of our own body fall to give it more turning force to these shredder-reducer blades (pedal that on the other hand is essential for the case of metal containers, given its greater hardness).

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