Siembratón, Guinness Record In Ecuador After A Reforestation Of 647,250 Plants

Siembratón, Guinness record in Ecuador after a reforestation of 647,250 plants

Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, has received the official certificate for the Guinness record that his country achieved in May thanks to the simultaneous reforestation in which 44,000 volunteers participated, who planted 765,073 plants in an area of ​​2,269 hectares in a period of 8 hours, among them 570,000 trees of 198 different species.

Ecuador wants to restore 150,000 hectares in this year 2015, as part of its National Forest Restoration Plan, since 2008 Ecuador has invested USD 74 million in reforestation plans.

sowing guiness

The organization Guinnnes Wolrd Record that Ecuador, officially, holds the world record for ” the largest number of people sowing the largest number of plant species, simultaneously, in multiple sites .”

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