Slovenia Installs The Largest Tesla Powerpack Battery System In Europe

NGEN has celebrated the installation of a 22 MWh grid-scale battery energy storage system (ESS) supplied by Tesla in what is seen as the first deployment of this product in the Balkans.

The company reported that an official inauguration event took place on October 10 for the battery, which is claimed to be also the largest Tesla Powerpack battery system in Europe, although not the largest ESS project on the continent of any supplier. .

The company’s executive, Damien Merlak, said via Twitter that the system is 12.6MW / 22MWh and that it has required an investment of 15 million euros. Tesla’s sales representative for the region, Nicolas Depoorter, tweeted that the system can store energy for two hours. The company’s official twitter account announced that there will be “more in 2020.” emailed NGEN to request confirmation and more information this morning, receiving confirmation that the information provided has been accurate, while the site also received a promise from NGEN to speak further with the company at the near future by the company’s leadership team.

Meanwhile, the regional news agency Balkan Green Energy News offered a short report on the project, which is located in Jesenice, in northwestern Slovenia. He reported that the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will be used to balance the grid frequency in the area and could help integrate a much higher proportion of renewable energy into the grid, also reported that NGEN said its next system will be built in Slovenia within eight months.

The Balkan Green Energy article also says that NGEN is trying to help others run their own ESS projects, which could see NGEN installing and operating plants, as well as providing software and offering technical assistance.

The Jelenice project may also end up being one of Tesla’s really big projects to use the Powerpack at grid scale, with the company recently launching Megapack, which is a modular system solution available in 3MWh “blocks” and intended for utility use. public.

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