Snipe 100%. First Shoes That Become Totally Compost.


Silvestre Segarra is the creator of the first shoes that are completely turned into compost. The model is launched on the market by Snipe, a brand founded by Segarra in the eighties and which in 2008 was acquired by the German group Gabor. Thus the materials of the shoe return to the earth, from where they arose. He had the idea of ​​designing a biodegradable shoe as early as 1993, the prototype was then called ‘Natur Snipe’. But the materials – leather, soles, etc. – and the methods were not adequately developed at that time.

It is a modern, unisex model (with lasts for men and women) and with a single color, pulling black. Although after the good reception in Europe, the company is already preparing the expansion of models and colors. When these shoes wear out, their owners can introduce them, chopped and moistened, with the rest of organic waste in their composter. In four to five months, the shoes have turned into compost that can be used in the home garden. For those who do not have a composter, the company undertakes to collect the shoes and send them to an industrial composting plant.


The main material with which this footwear is manufactured is organic, FORM, with high moisture content and low metal. The manufacturing process is carried out with titanium tanning, instead of chromium, since it is a metal without toxic effects and that degrades quickly. Biodegradable thermoplastic materials are used for the soles .

A great step for fashion to join its future to the defense of the environment.


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