Soil Lamp, Grow Your Own Light

Luckily, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds towards a future in which all energy is generated from renewable sources. Although this is a long-term goal, new eco-inventions are currently emerging that allow us to make this a cleaner planet; elements of our daily life that work thanks to elements of nature.

One of the latest eco-inventions to surprise us has been Soil Lamp, an LED lamp that does not need electricity to work, only land and water. In this way, we can always have a lamp at hand with just a little water and, in addition, do our bit in caring for the environment.

Soil Lamp, the LED lamp that works with land and water

Soil Lamp, the work of the Dutch designer Marieke Staps, has been popularly dubbed the ” earth lamp ” or ” mud lamp ” due to the elements it needs to function.

How does the ground lamp work?

The ecological lamp has an hourglass-shaped structure , divided into two zones. On the one hand, the upper part, in which the LED bulb is located. And, on the other hand, the lower part, made up of copper and zinc bars that act as electrodes.

The earth is inside the cells, so that, together with the copper and zinc, they carry the electrical current to the bulb. The only requirement for the lamp to work is that the soil is moist. Therefore, it is enough to water it from time to time.

Availability and sale of the eco-lamp.

At the moment, the Soil Lamp is not available in Spain, although it is not ruled out that it may arrive in the future. Without a doubt, it would be great news if we could buy this lamp that works with land and water in our country.

The same designer does sell a watch that also feeds on “earth and water”:


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