Solar Energy For Companies: The Perfect Energy Solution For Your Company

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The solar energy Enterprise ensures cost savings for your business for over 25 years with a rapid return on investment and sustainable marketing adds to your business with the use of clean and affordable energy.

There are many reasons for any business owner to think about using photovoltaic solar energy in their business.

Regardless of the size and consumption of the company, solar panels can meet all energy demand and reduce the electricity bill by up to 95%. Even 100% in off-the-grid cases.

So it is not surprising that the number of entrepreneurs who choose to generate their own energy in their companies grows year after year in the world.

How does solar energy work for businesses?

To generate solar energy in companies and businesses, it is necessary to install a photovoltaic system connected to the grid (On-Grid).

Thanks to solar energy kits, this technology can capture sunlight and convert it into usable electrical energy.

As power is generated only during the day, these systems are connected to the grid and work together with the power from the distributor.

How would the generation of photovoltaic solar energy work in a company:

  1. The system starts with solar panels, which are preferably installed on rooftops for the free capture of sunlight and its conversion into electricity.
  2. This energy is sent to the photovoltaic inverter, the brain of the system and responsible for adapting this energy to the characteristics of our electrical grid.
  3. The energy converted by the inverter is injected into the electrical panel and distributed by the company to power any electrical equipment connected to a socket.
  4. All the surplus (energy not consumed) generated is injected by the inverter into the distributor’s electrical grid.
  5. The network will work as a battery, receiving excess energy and providing it at times when the system is not generating power, for example at night.

By regulation, each country will have its specific regulation in relation to the connection of our photovoltaic system to the commercial electricity grid.

How much does solar energy cost for businesses?

With the demand for this type of technology on the rise in recent years, today solar energy installations for companies are more affordable than ever, solar technology is becoming more economical every day.

There are also many lines of financing for solar energy already available in almost all countries that facilitate the purchase and installation of the system.

The total cost of a solar energy project for companies must take into account the equipment and installation labor.

To calculate it, several factors must be taken into account, such as:

  • Monthly consumption.
  • Local solar radiation levels.
  • Shadow on the roof.
  • Direction and inclination of the roof.
  • Among others.

It is not a simple calculation. To know the exact cost of the system you need for your business, you should look for a solar installation company.

Advantages of solar energy for companies.

But, what are the reasons why more and more entrepreneurs install solar technology in their businesses?

The top 5 benefits of solar energy for businesses are:

1. Cost reduction.

Above all is the reduction that technology provides in electricity bills, something especially valuable in the case of solar energy for large companies.

The higher the consumption, the greater the savings obtained with a system that can be designed to satisfy any level of demand, be it a small, medium or large company.

At least you will have 25 years of savings in energy costs, the standard useful life of the solar panel, but it can still be more depending on the quality of the plate.

2. Protection against inflation.

During that same period, with a solar system you still guarantee your independence from rising electricity prices.

After installing the system, you become the producer of your own energy, and the constant energy inflation is no longer a threat to your monthly budget.

3. Peace of mind.

The direct consequence of this is the greater stability obtained in the cash flow, since the energy bill becomes a fixed cost and is no longer variable.

4. Return on investment.

Installing a solar system in your company is an investment that guarantees a return over time.

Each month, the amount saved on the electricity bill is a part of the amount invested that goes back to the company box.

The amortization period of companies is very attractive, depending on the country, it can vary between 5-10 years.

5. Sustainability.

For businesses, another major reason why solar energy is worth investing in is the positive value on our reputation as a business.

More and more consumers are looking for greener companies and products.

By investing in solar energy, not only do you save in the company, but we are also better valued by consumers and customers.

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