Solar Energy Storage Pro, The Solar Battery Designed For Adventurers, Home Relief, Catastrophes Or Emergencies

If you are one of those who seek to totally disconnect from civilization and escape to the mountains on weekends or on vacation, you will be interested in the Solar Energy Storage Pro. It is a small battery equipped with a handle to transport it easily, which has some foldable solar panels -to take up less space- and thin.

The Solar Energy Storage Pro, due to its small size and weight, is ideal for when we go camping, but also to store it in the car in case of emergency. To charge the battery, it can be done in several ways: taking advantage of the car’s port while driving or charging it at home, connecting it to the electrical network.

It uses a mechanism that mimics the new solar panels devised by Tesla, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles. We refer to the panels that Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) plans to install on the roofs of homes at a low price (more than conventional plates) and hidden under the roof tiles themselves, thus avoiding visits from “friends of the alien ”and preserving the aesthetics of the building.

The idea is that the roof of any home is a solar energy collector, totally clean, renewable and sustainable. Thus, the so-called “solar tiles” could be adapted to different architectural styles: from the French-style slates, to the Tuscan style of Italy, with its curved tiles. Tesla thus takes care of details, aesthetics and functionality.

And this for when?

The cheapest and most aesthetic solar panels from Tesla can be reserved from this month of April. The Panasonic brand has already reached an agreement with the company to manufacture the photovoltaic cells and modules. Perhaps next summer they will begin to be distributed in the United States.

The problem of Spain is, as we know, in the Congress of Deputies: for the moment, and despite political changes, there is still the so-called “sun tax” with which those who bet on this clean energy have to pay a fee that varies depending on the amount they generate. In this way, those who opt for the Tesla system would have to pay an extra, this state tax, if things do not change in the coming months.

If not, we will always have the Solar Energy Storage Pro, ideal for outdoor activities, and which won the Red Dot Design award in 2016.

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