Solar Information Point.

The solar energy is one of the greenest in energy sources. We have seen solar gadgets of all kinds, cars, mobiles, houses …, but this new concept developed by designer Matteo Straforini is novel because we have never seen an information point  powered by solar energy, where you can get information about a city.

This information point is totally self-sufficient, so it can be installed in any part of the city where it receives the sun’s rays.

It is an urban and ergonomic design to make inquiries in an easy way. The solar panels are installed in a kind of candle that is in the structure. It can be rotated, following the sun until it completes a 180 ° rotation, just like a sunflower. A touch screen on the dashboard allows the user to access the menu, which contains the different categories for navigation.

The information point’s unique shape and its amazing ability to track the movement of the sun are added benefits. First, its ability to rotate will increase the energy efficiency of the photovoltaic panels as the sun’s rays are received throughout the day in the correct orientation. Second, the user’s touch screen is always under shade due to its unique shape.

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