Solar Roof Tile With Thin Film Technology Already On The Market

Solar roof tile with thin film technology already on the market

The growing concern for more efficient construction and a sustainable way of life is increasingly present in our society. And, in this scenario, local electricity generation plays an important role – sustainable energy sources must be prioritized by companies and individuals concerned about the environment and also about their economy.

Today we find an alternative for the generation of residential solar energy, L8 Energy markets in Brazil a solar tile with thin-film technology. According to the company, in addition to being resistant, the technology has a greater power to absorb energy, which makes it ideal for the generation of solar energy in homes.

The L8 solar tile has a high-strength structure and therefore its durability is enormous. It comes with a 10 year factory warranty and the power generation after 25 years is 85% of the rated power. On the efficiency side, we also have a very significant advance in technology.

Guilherme Nagamine, CEO of L8 Energy.

The executive also explains that the absorption system is capable of illuminating a 30 W lamp with a single unit – each tile measuring 50 x 70 cm.

Another important advance is its endurance.

It has the technology to offer the best solution for the production of thin films of CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenium). In practice, this makes the shingle stronger and more efficient than the custom fiber cement shingles with monocrystalline silicon cells on the market.

Leandro Kuhn, CEO of L8.

Leandro affirms that the L8 Solar Roof Tile has great potential in the market, because it combines technical qualities and design, so that people can generate their own energy without having to change the architectural design.

The product was awarded as design of the year at the IF Gold Award 2019, the most prestigious design event in the world.

The L8 Solar Roof Tile is immune to shadows, with diffuse light capture and more efficient capture in cloudy or low light locations. The product is for sale in Brazil and the unit costs R $350.00.

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