Solar Slab, Natural Lighting For Any Place

Solar slab, natural lighting

The solar slab is responsible for taking advantage of solar energy to illuminate any room. With the use of the solar slab, sunlight is used to illuminate indoor areas that normally require the use of artificial lighting, with the consequent consumption of electrical energy.

A product  created to take advantage of a natural resource such  as the sun, which is abundant in any or almost any part of the planet. It is a great method for saving energy, helping to reduce electricity consumption.

What is solar slab.

It is a glass slab that is placed on the roof of the room, to filter the sun’s rays and provide natural light to the place on which it is placed. It is used to illuminate a room during all the hours of sunshine in a day.

The slab is made of glass and polypropylene, a recycled and very resistant material. The glass can have different shades, to provide a different color depending on the room, and the atmosphere you want to create in the place where it is placed.

The installation of the slab is very easy, it should only be placed in place of the main tile, replacing it. Silicone is used to position the polypropylene piece and fit the glass on top of it. It has an installation system similar to that of tiles, simply adding the placement of the glass.

It is an innovative design, which gives an appearance of modernity to the houses that use it, both on the facade of the house and inside it. The interior of the house has very good light, depending on the number of solar slabs that the property includes, so more or less light will enter.

You can regulate the amount of light that the solar slab will generate depending on the number of slabs that are placed, as well as the incidence of light in some places or in others depending on the area where they are placed. If you want to illuminate an area of ​​the house with greater power, you only have to place a larger number of solar slabs.

The cost of the solar slab is economical, with a short-term return on investment and considerable savings on the electricity bill. Most of the advances regarding renewable energies or use for private use have a very high cost, so the return on investment is usually long-term.

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