Solarimpact, The Electric Yacht That Sails Thanks To Solar Energy

SolarImpact electric yacht

SolarImpact is a fully electric yacht, which, as its name suggests, is powered 100% from the large number of solar panels that it incorporates on its roof. Not only does her electric motor mean that the yacht is much more sustainable than a fossil fuel powered yacht, it is also quieter.

SolarImpact solar electric yacht

Incorporating a SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) construction hull, you have a catamaran that is much more stable in the water so you or your guests are less likely to get seasick.

SolarImpact 100% solar electric yacht

The yacht comes with an exceptional top speed of 20 knots, and even has an AI on board that automates most of the key systems, allowing it to be piloted by no more than one person … its owner. That is power.

We can stand out:

  • Its primary source of energy is the sun.
  • Silent scrolling.
  • Decoupling of the wavy surface. 90% less sway and heeling.
  • 220 square meters of living space on a 78 foot yacht.
  • 300 square meters of solar surface with an attractive design.
  • 100 square meter room with 360º panoramic view.
  • Quality in materials and finishes.
  • High degree of automation thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Single redundancy of all important components.

More information: SolarImpact.

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