Solarskin. Solar Panels That Change Color To Blend Into Any Surface

SolarSkin.  Color-changing solar panels to blend into any surface

When it comes to solar panels, the industry has so far adopted the model: “you can have any color as long as it’s black.” Now a Boston company has developed a technology to turn your roof into a palette of colors and patterns to generate electricity.

Starting next year, Sistine Solar will start selling “SolarSkin” panels, which will blend into the texture of your roof, imitating tiles, slates, wood, tiles or any other material. Solar panels will never look “ugly” on our roofs again.

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The company founders Senthil Balasubramanian and Ido Salama came up with the idea while studying business. They hope their product will convince those users who have been reluctant to buy standard blue-black solar panels for aesthetic reasons.

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The panels are available for pre-order, but sales won’t start until 2017.

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They have added a layer on the panels that camouflages it, but also allows the vast majority of sunlight to pass through, so that efficiency does not suffer, leaving it at 15% – 17% (the same efficiency rate of the solar panel). average households). Although some solar panels are already practically 23%.

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This technology can reproduce almost any color or mimic any texture. It could even be used to create murals, although it is more than complicated.

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Personally, I have not seen anything similar, the closest thing could be solar tiles or photovoltaic slate.

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