Something May Be Changing In China, The Province Of Qinghai Is Able To Live Only With Renewable 9 Days

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Qinghai province has reached a milestone for renewable energy in China, it has been able to operate for 9 days only by feeding itself with energy from renewable sources.

Northwest China’s Qinghai Province was powered 100% by wind, solar and hydroelectric power for 216 hours in late June, according to Goldwind.

The milestone is due to a new platform based on Big Data, known as “Qinghai New Energy Big Data Innovation Platform”, which has been developed by various organizations, including State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, Goldwind, the Center of Innovation for Industrial Big Data and Tsinghua University.

The tool is capable of controlling renewable energy sources in the field, saving labor costs and improving the efficiency of the system.

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The platform runs on more than 40 generators and is capable of collecting 60 GB of new data every day for analysis, which has enabled the June milestone to be measured. At the end of June, six autonomous power plants were used on the platform to supply clean energy throughout the province.

Goldwind invests in research and development in the field of renewable energies, as well as in equipping wind, photovoltaic and energy storage parks. The company operates in the offshore wind energy, smart wind farms, solar energy, asset management and financial services segments.

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