Spain: Gasoline, Diesel And Hybrid Vehicles Banned From 2040

Diesel prohibited. Image: Gguy Shutterstock

In a bill on climate change, the Spanish government proposes to ban polluting vehicles from 2040, the year in which the registration and sale of gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles will no longer be allowed.

After Great Britain and France, who have already committed to banning gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040, and the intentions of Scotland and Denmark, who want to anticipate the measure to 2032 and 2030 respectively, comes the announcement from Spain.

Spain seems ready to ban polluting vehicles. The proposal, in fact, is contained in a bill on climate change, which the Sánchez government hopes to present to parliament by the end of the year, and which provides for a ban on the sale of gasoline, diesel and hybrids from 2040.

Therefore, as of 2040, the registration and sale in Spain of cars and light industrial vehicles that directly emit carbon dioxide will not be allowed. Once defined, the climate change bill will require the approval of parliament, where Sánchez holds less than a quarter of the seats.

Image: Alexander Limbach Shutterstock

Pedro Sánchez has fought hard to find support for this proposal. Confirming his ecological ambitions, the President of the Spanish Government has brought together the environment and energy in a single Ministry, which since the beginning of his mandate has approved measures to reduce electricity prices and promote the promotion of renewable energy. Within the framework of the current climate change plan, Madrid intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% compared to 1990 levels by 2030.

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