Sq3d Prints A House In 12 Hours For $2,000

Thanks to a revolutionary, self-contained and energy efficient robotic building system, S-Squared 3D printed an entire house in just half a day.

3D printing is changing the future of the automotive, medical and design industries and, for some, has already laid the groundwork to revolutionize the construction industry.

S-Squared 3D Printers Inc. firmly believes of this. (SQ3D), a New York company that recently opened a 46-square-meter house built in less than a day. To be precise, it took 12 hours and less than $2,000 to print the prototype house outside of the SQ3D plant on Long Island.

The facility was built using the same fabrication method as in other construction projects of this type – a nozzle extrudes a layered concrete mix to create a preset facility. The difference here is a patent-pending, energy-efficient, self-contained robotic system that allows multiple machines to work together to reduce build time. According to the company, the process consumes the same current as a standard hair dryer.

In fact, the work was not carried out in one go, but in several stages, as the company wanted to test its equipment and technique. After the three-dimensional printing was finished, the workers finished the roof and windows.

It should be noted that the project is by no means complete – the printed house (and quickly demolished after completion) was just the first step in a larger experiment that will aim to build larger, more ready-to-use houses.

We can customize the structure of the internal and external walls not only for their strength and structure, but also to decide where and how the services will be installed.

S-Squared hopes to use its 3D printing platform to create thousands of cheap and green homes each year, focusing its efforts on the poorest regions of the world.

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