Stella Lux. The Solar Car That Generates More Energy Than It Consumes

Stella Lux.  The solar car that generates more energy than it consumes

Most of the super efficient green cars on the market are not really designed for normal people. In fact, some of the most efficient vehicles in the world can only carry the driver. But this may change, a team of Dutch solar engineering students has developed a green, family-friendly car that actually generates more energy than it consumes.

Solar vehicle

Stella Lux, the electric car that works only with solar energy, with capacity for four people, created by students of the Solar Team of Eindhoven.

The Stella Lux solar vehicle is unlike any family car currently on the market. It is a car with a very peculiar shape, which resembles a catamaran. All these features help to maximize its efficiency, it is lighter and more aerodynamic than any other eco-friendly vehicle. This is their second prototype, the first being launched in 2013. The first generation Stella could travel up to 500 miles on a single charge, while the Stella Lux has reached 621 miles on sunny test days in the Netherlands. .

Stella Lux solar vehicle

In the same year it was released, the original Stella won the World Solar Challenge, a 1,875-mile race through Australia. The 2015 update to the Stella model will participate in that same race later this year. Stella Lux will compete in the Cruiser Class of estate cars, which emphasizes qualities: practical and user-friendly, rather than pure speed. The race starts on October 18, so Stella Lux still has a little time to prepare for the big day.

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