Stop! Rolling The Change

Stop Rolling Change

The documentary “Stop rolling the change” is produced in Spain and released to the public in 2012. In 1 hour and 37 minutes it shows us new alternatives to modern lifestyles, to the educational processes in force today, or to the cultivation and harvest techniques.

A trip from Spain to France with the mission of collecting all the information possible in the form of testimonies, facts, recordings and experiences, which bring with them the new trends that are forging alternatives to modern lifestyles, to the educational processes in force today , to cultivation and harvesting techniques that have been increasing in technology and have decreased the need for human labor intervention, for which they have also affected crops with pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic chemicals.

The broad outlook developed by this group covers all the social and cultural aspects that we know today, in combination with other modern concepts, ancestral techniques and tools that allow us to build a solid foundation for social development. Thus, it encourages an alternative lifestyle without completely abandoning the comforts that new technologies provide, but instead of living in a monotonous and systematic way, now there are other options to make people’s lives more favorable, easier to carry. And simple.

Preventing life from becoming heavy, boring and sedentary is a full-time task, in addition to contributing, promoting and consolidating the preservation of the environment so that future generations are free from danger and can live according to their needs.

Directed by Alba González de Molina, with the script by Jean Davila Arencibia, Elena Muñoz Martínez, Paula Pérez Cossio Arias and the speech by Katy Lema, the experiences, testimonies of innovative leaders, representatives of social change and many other people, have been designed so that the public can see up close how ecovillages, urban community gardens, organic farms and much more work. Supported by experts in social development such as anthropologists, science teachers, politics and current journalism. Also, theories presented in this production, such as degrowth and bio-construction, promote the adoption of different solutions for the common problems suffered by societies whose main resources are not renewable and are on the way to extinction if we do not find a way to replace them, so stop, rolling the change!

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