Study Shows That Organic Agriculture Can Feed The World

Study shows organic farming can feed the world

A study conducted by Washington State University (United States), showed that organic agriculture can be used efficiently to feed the entire population of the world. The report shows that with this type of production it is possible to have sufficient income for producers, improving environmental conditions and that of rural workers.

Led by Soil Sciences and Agroecology Professor John Regalnold, along with PhD student Jonathan Wather, the report “ Organic Farming for the 21st Century ” offers detailed analyzes of hundreds of academic studies on the subject. The proposal was to analyze the efficiency of organic farming based on the pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

Hydroponic crops

According to experts, the solution for agriculture would be to combine organic methods with modern technologies used in traditional plantations. Some highlighted the following points: crop rotation, natural agricultural pests and diversification of livestock, improvement in soil condition with the use of compost, green manure and animal manure.

The authors claim that organic agriculture is capable of meeting the world’s food needs, independent of climate change. They even justify this claim: “organic farms have the potential to produce high yields as a result of greater water holding capacity in soils grown without pesticides.”

In economic terms, however, the study makes it clear that, despite the fact that organic agriculture is profitable, it also provides more benefits than traditional ones. The explanation is obvious, pesticides end up reducing part of the production. On the other hand, the benefit for the environment, society and the health of the population is enormous. Evidence points to the fact that organic farming systems guarantee greater social benefit, which translates into a healthier planet.

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