Suli Lamp, A Solar Module For Areas Where Access To Electricity Is Almost Impossible

Suli Lamp, a solar module for areas where access to electricity is almost impossible

Suli Lamp is a modular solar lamp that adapts to multiple functionalities, it charges during the day to shine at night. It fits in one hand, it is portable, it can be attached to a plastic bottle as well as to hang it anywhere thanks to simple fittings and it is 100% sustainable. A project that was born with the intention of reaching Haiti, in a joint effort with América Solidaria.

Suli Lamp

With 8 hours of charging in the sun it can work up to 5 hours in a row.

Suli Lamp3

Suli aims to solve the problem of lack of light in areas where this organization already works. How? To build the first 500 Suli Lamps, the company was financed through the Indiegogo crowdfounding platform, achieving its objectives.

Suli is a project developed by Chilean entrepreneurs. Suli Lamp’s designers are Ximena Muñoz, Macarena Pola, Cristián O´ryan and Matias Casanova.

Suli Lamp2

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