Svalbardi: Bottled Iceberg Water At 94 Euros A Bottle

Jamai Qureshi, a seasoned Wall Street stock market expert, has found a way to do business in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard that has caused many environmentalists and environmentalists to pull their hair out.

The entrepreneur found inspiration a few years ago when he visited the area as a tourist. In a bout of detail, Qureshi decided to bottle glacier water for his wife. Today, the one on Wall Street recovered the idea to shape Svalbardi, a company that markets iceberg water as a luxury liquid and that sells 750 milliliters of the drink at a price of 94 euros in prestigious shopping centers such as Harrods (in London).

Svalbardi has set itself the goal of selling between 25,000 and 35,000 bottles per year, needing to extract about 30 tons of ice in the Norwegian archipelago. In addition, their working method requires them to have three liters of water to be able to market just one.

Given the controversy that the activity has aroused, Qureshi has defended his idea by ensuring that they exclusively use ice that already floats in the sea and that, therefore, does not negatively affect the fauna of the place.

Pollution of the production chain.

The truth is that, among experts on the subject, there are disparate voices. El País has collected testimonies from researchers who especially criticize the pollution generated in situ by the boats with which Svalbardi carries out its activity. Furthermore, the bottled water trade also involves the transport of the merchandise to the sales displays, the use of glass and plastics or the generation of waste.

Despite all this, Qureshi seems to want to convey with each of his words that his business is worthwhile. The businessman highlights the low level of mineralization of the product as a plus point and also compares the taste of his drink with “the taste of snow”.


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