Sweden’s First Cat Psychologist Designed The Perfect Shelter For Your Cat

Anyone who has a pet knows that we always try to give our animals the best life, just like us, the people of 24 Storage understand that domestic cats must be pampered. So they came up with this nifty cat shelter that looks like modern furniture on the outside and keeps your cats happy on the inside. It is essentially an attic for your cat to play in your living room.

This furniture has been carefully designed under the guidelines of Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, who outlined the 10 basic needs cats need for better emotional and physical health.

Needs range from scratching, cleaning hair, playing, discovering, being sociable, etc. and Cat Flat takes care of all of them considering that they spend most of their time indoors. Think of it as a hybrid between a shelter and a jungle gym for your cat.

Cat Falt looks like an ordinary living room closet, made of organic wood, with walnut veneer and vertical slats at different angles. It has three floors inside with stimulating items and toys. Your house no longer has to be occupied by cat play areas scattered throughout all rooms, this piece of furniture will be enough to cover the needs of your feline friends.

Designer: 24 Storage

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