Swish. Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System.

Swish is a prototype of a diaper washing machine that aims to use washable diapers (cloth), in order to eliminate disposable ones, one of the most polluting and difficult to recycle waste that currently exists.

A spherical-shaped washing machine that combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal load washers. It uses solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, so that its electric motor is powered by the energy generated by the washing machine.

To complete the full sustainable cycle, the author, Iven Dieterle, recommends washing with ” Wash Nuts “. The resulting ‘gray water’ after each washing would be used to grow the plants from which these nuts are obtained.

A beautiful concept but one that will find itself face to face with the multinational diaper companies trying to never be, first commercialized and second popular in homes.

The problem of diapers.

A baby uses approximately 6,000 diapers in two years, with an expense of 2,000 euros, while the cost of cloth diapers would be 300 euros. In addition, diapers account for 50% of household waste. A baby generates 4 to 5 tons of this type of waste.

The manufacture of cloth diapers uses 2.3 times less water, 8.5 times less energy sources and 90 times less raw materials. These diapers can be machine washed and reused up to 300 times.

Via:  behance.net.

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