Tata Projects The Cheapest Prefab House In The World, 500 $

Tata designs the cheapest prefabricated house in the world

Tata, the Indian brand has its new project in mind; It is the cheapest prefabricated house in the world, it would cost only 500 euros. This house could be built in as little as 7 days. It is a model of 20 square meters that has a kitchen, toilet, bathroom, dining room and a bedroom. The kit includes the roof, doors and windows, as well as the necessary components and materials so that the buyer can install it himself.

Tata's prefab house

The project is being designed so that the houses have a useful life of 20 years.

For those who need more space, it is also planned to launch a 30 square meter version, which will cost around 700 euros, which will come with solar panels to generate electricity.

Tata Prefab House

A project that was planned to see the light in 2012, but different problems have been delaying it. We hope to see these houses in production soon, and that many humble families can have access to decent housing, a fundamental right for anyone.

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