Taxibots, The Aircraft Trailer That Saves 2,700 Tons Of Fuel Per Year

TaxiBots, the aircraft trailer that saves up to 2,700 tons of fuel per year on long-haul flights

TaxiBots is a tow tractor that has managed to save up to 2,700 tons of fuel per year on long-haul flights per year.

Airplanes use their own engines to move from the gate to the runway. That journey consumes a great deal of fuel, about one metric ton of fuel per year per plane, depending on the type of plane and the airport. TaxiBots allows you to reduce this expense and the pollution it generates.

Lufthansa has been testing them successfully at Frankfurt International Airport. In testing they have saved 11,000 metric tons of fuel per year. The next airport to incorporate them will be the French Chateauroux.

In addition to reducing consumption and pollution, they have other technical advantages such as:

  • They reduce the stress on aircraft engines.
  • They increase the time between maintenance.
  • They produce less noise than jet turbines.

Many of its components are based on the ELFA system, technology developed for the use of hybrid buses, adapted to the needs of TaxiBots. They have 2 diesel engines, 2 generators to produce electricity and up to 16 converters that ensure that the tractor will work even if there is a fault.

In addition to getting the wheels to move via electric motors, Siemens systems ensure that pilots remain in sole control of the aircraft. The TaxiBot responds to the pilot’s command in just 130 milliseconds.

TaxiBots are the result of a joint project between Siemens, the French group TDL, Israel Aerospace Industries and Lufthansa LEOS.



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