Tcwd, A Handy Washing Machine For When There Is No Access To Electricity

A manual washing machine designed in Tanzania which provides a simple solution to help you wash clothes without using electricity. To save time, water and detergent, you can wash multiple items of clothing at the same time.

That makes?

TCWD (TANZANIAN CLOTHES WASHING DEVICE) filters the water so that only the cleanest is used to wash clothes. The handles of the washing machine are easily disassembled, in order to be able to use the bucket separately if necessary.

Nobody in Tanzania can wash clothes or bathe in drinking water sources (Rural Water Management in Africa: The Impact of Customary Institutions in Tanzania (2017). Many Tanzanian residents wash their clothes by hand, a time-consuming and damaging method fabrics for the long term, as clothing is washed vigorously and drained by hand.

How does it work?

The washer design includes the lid with a screw fit and two notches so the reservoir can rotate in a clockwise direction. The filtering system consists of a piece of cloth over a bucket that is placed under the water, which saves time, so the water used is cleaner than the local water. The handle rotates freely to reduce hand friction and make the product easier to use. The handles fit inside the bucket, so they can be stored upside down (on the flat lid) for added stability.

Made of high-density polyethylene.

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