Technical Guide For Harvesting Rainwater

Technical guide for harvesting rainwater

This guide will teach you how to easily and economically capture and store rainwater that can be used in agricultural production (chakras or home gardens), in animal consumption, drinking trough and cleaning pens), and in household chores ( washing clothes and cleaning the house).


1. Introduction.
2. Objective.
3. Climate of the Ecuadorian Sierra.
4. Current situation of irrigation of the communities in high areas of the Province of Chimborazo.
5. Amount of rainwater captured.
6. Benefits of the water harvesting system and its requirement for crops.
6.1. Benefits.
6.2. Water requirement in crops according to the stage of development.
Water consumption in crops.


7. Techniques introduced in the PMSK communities.
7.1. Techniques applied in construction structures.
7.2. Techniques applied in the plots.
8. Techniques used in other countries and replicable in Ecuador.

You can download the guide at the following link:

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