Telework: A More Than Indispensable Measure

Working from home is an alternative to which not everyone can access, because although it is true that there are still tasks that require the assistance of the worker, it is also a reality that since the arrival of the internet it is possible to work from anywhere, with just a computer, electricity and internet.

This is demonstrated by many industries, for example:

  1. Advertising and marketing : This industry is a clear example of teleworking, since several agencies have turned digital for a while, serving the needs of their clients in a virtual way.
  2. Online education : It is surely one of the oldest in this methodology, because, not only has it allowed thousands of people in different conditions to access university degrees and even learn languages, but it has also given them access to universities around the world. world.
  3. IT: The technological field is one of the widest branches of teleworking, since from online technical support, to software development or the creation of applications, among a myriad of possibilities, they allow systems professionals to work from home.
  4. Betting online : You no longer have to go to the racetrack to bet on the horses, now the bookmakers receive their predictions virtually, they even create exclusive promotions for this segment such as obtaining the 1XBET bonus, one of the companies in which several of his collaborators work online. 
  5. Writers : Journalists, literati and content generators are some of the lucky ones who can continue with their creations from the comfort of their study.
  6. Musicians : In the sound aspect, singers, musicians and producers are already creating pieces from anywhere in the world, to assemble them and launch them to the public at any second, case of the success ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi, which after its remix with Justin Bieber broke more than one record.
  7. Virtual medical assistance : And we are not talking about consulting Google for a couple of symptoms, there are platforms that allow the patient to take routine appointments or to read tests, as well as medical forums, where patients and doctors from around the world discuss pathologies and advice to cope with symptoms.

There are more and more telework options and it is that although at present, due to the crisis that humanity faces due to the coronavirus, there are several governments that have encouraged working from home, as a measure to prevent the growth of patients infected by Covid-19. However, this situation has turned into one of the largest telework experiments in history.

Why does working from home help the planet?

Despite the unfortunate situation that various nations are going through, it stands out how the quarantine has generated a respite for planet earth, because due to the closure of factories and shopping centers, only in China, according to data from the Research Center in Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and images from NASA, there has been a drop of at least 25% in their carbon dioxide emissions.

That, without taking into account that Italy joined the quarantine a few weeks ago, as well as the newly added to the measure: Spain, France and Germany. In these nations, schools have canceled classes and some have raised the option of giving virtual lessons.

While, at the same time, air and land traffic has been reduced, this is the case of some countries that have reduced public transport, which has significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Although the situation is pressing for many, as their jobs were put into consideration, it is an opportunity for the world to see how online work can be encouraged.  

How to be productive at home?

One of the main barriers to dumping many of the activities that can be carried out on the Internet is the productivity of the employees, since, for some entrepreneurs, it is difficult to trust that their team responds to the needs of the company.

However, there are a number of virtual tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of a collaborator, as well as establish tasks, time limits to carry them out and platforms for making follow-up video calls and conferences. Everything from the hand of excellent leadership is key to taking your business to the online model.

As for those who have problems completing their duties at home, either due to dispersion syndrome or perhaps lack of practice, it is a matter of patience and fortitude that is lacking to complete their tasks. Here are some tips:

  1. Before starting, create a routine at home, in which you dedicate time to your household chores and thus not mix them with your work schedule, thus avoiding unnecessary distractions such as washing clothes, making bed, among other things you should do. before or after completing your tasks for the day
  2. Establish a work area, the dream of working in your pajamas from the comfort of your bed, can be just a fantasy, because you will see that some functions will require 100% concentration, so if you have one eye still half asleep, then no you will be just as productive, so prepare yourself as well as possible
  3. Make a list of your pending items and prioritize them according to delivery dates or level of difficulty, it may be, starting from the most cumbersome to the easiest, you know, at the wrong pace, better hurry, they say.
  4. Respect your work schedule, it is essential, because even if you are an enthusiast and always enjoy working, it is also vital that you rest and put aside for a while the worries that day to day can bring
  5. Do not give yourself so hard, there will be difficult days, however, give yourself a little break, relax and then return to your work with strength. However, put a time, you can not spend your whole life procrastinating.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that you will obtain working at home, as long as you are disciplined, learn to distribute your time well, respect delivery limits and have a good relationship with your team, you will see that you will stop emitting CO2 from buses and transportation, as well as avoiding the spread of viruses and diseases.

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