Tents For Refugees That Collect Rainwater And Store Solar Energy

The war in Syria has left many people displaced and the refugee crisis is becoming one of the most pressing problems in recent years. Abeer Seikaly, an award-winning architect and designer, designed a smart refugee tent that collects rainwater and stores solar energy. The project is called Weaving a home and its positive impact will be enormous in refugee communities around the world.

Seikaly is a Jordanian-Canadian designer, who was emotionally affected by the horrors of the Syrian war and could not stand aside without helping in some way.

Each store has its own water collection system, using the natural channels formed by the surface of the store to direct the water to the storage point. By using a fabric with high thermal properties, tents can also convert solar radiation into energy and heat water.

Once the project is implemented, refugees from all over the world will have access to a tent to help them in their daily lives. The canvas tents that are used today are not the most recommended, since they are not very durable and extreme weather conditions can quickly damage them. Seikaly wants to make a tent that helps improve the living conditions of refugees during their transit and what inspired its design are ancient weaving techniques.

Using a new type of material, which easily folds the fabric tent you designed, it provides shelter, shade and warmth at the same time. It is also a highly sustainable design, as it captures sunlight and transforms it into energy and can also store rainwater in drums. For now, the store’s production is at the expense of funding, but hopefully things will start to move quickly as it can bring big benefits to those most in need.

More information: abeerseikaly.com

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