The 10 Most Viewed Posts At Ecoinventos 2013

the most seen 2013

As we are used to when the year ends, we show you  the articles most visited by our readers during this 2013. Thank each and every one of the friends who visit our page daily.

Here goes the ranking:

1.  Solar window socket that generates electricity by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh. A solar panel for your window with which you can charge your gadgets in a simple way.


2.  Miniature ecosystem. Mini garden in a sealed bottle 53 years.  This plant has been living 53 years in the bottle without any contact with the outside.


3.  Eight. Small hydroelectric plant that generates light with two PET bottles.  With this small device, we can turn any PET bottle into an ecological flashlight.


4. How to recycle.  Do you know how to recycle correctly?


5.  Plans to build furniture reusing pallets.  Various detailed plans so you can build your own furniture using pallets.


6.  MoonCup menstrual cup. Intimate hygiene.  There is always a great debate between women, what do you think? Would you use it

menstrual cup

7.  How to make bracelets with popsicle sticks. Creativity to power.

How to make stick bracelets

8.  Living without money. Mark Boyle has done it. The Irishman  Mark Boyle  tried to live without money, a life without income, without bank accounts, without expenses.

Mark Boyle living without money

9.  Home solar heater. Did you know that you can make one yourself?

home solar heater

10.  20 Christmas decorations recycling or reusing waste. You can make all your Christmas decorations by hand and using only waste materials.

christmas tree with corks

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