The African Tribe That Recycles Garbage And Turns It Into Fashion Accessories

Wigs with soda caps.  Recycling in the third world

The Daasanach tribe  lives near the town of Omorate, which is located on the left side of the Omo River. Their sole sustenance is agriculture on the flooded banks of the Omo River. Famous for their sophisticated hairstyles, lately they have gone a step further, many collect the plates of soft drinks, beers and everything that are in the vicinity of the bars of Omorate and make original wigs and various accessories. What for us is simple garbage, useless not even for recycling, they turn into their latest fashion hairstyles.

Although rather more elaborate and sophisticated, we recently also saw the example of refugees from the Sahara who transform plastic bottles into jewelry.

The Daasanach have a very recent history. The members of this tribe are exiles from many others who lived around Lake Turkana, who came together to support each other and survive in a hostile, poor and arid environment.

Daasanach tribe

Daasanach1 tribe

Daasanach2 tribe

Daasanach3 tribe

Daasanach4 tribe

Daasanach5 tribe

Daasanach6 tribe

Eric Lafforgue, author of the photos that are published, commented in this interview “their villages resemble refugee camps most of the time”.

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