The Cheapest Electric Cars On The Market

If a few weeks ago you read that General Motors is going to extend sales of its Baojun E100, the cheapest electric car on the market, and you stayed with that buzz, we will tell you the most affordable electric alternatives. Now, we anticipate that none of them comes close to 5,856 euros for which, after applying the acquisition aid, the E100, which, of course, is only available in the Chinese region of Guangxi Zhuang. If you live in Spain, these are the models to switch to electric mobility with prices below 30,000 euros. Also, take a look at the MOVALT Vehicles Plan , which provides significant discounts.

Cheaper electric cars.

The only one under 20,000: Citroën C-Zero.

It is, today, the most affordable alternative to get an electric car. It is not a small thing to say at a time when the majority of Spaniards assure that they would favor an electric company if they had budget availability for it. Thus, the C-Zero is an option to value, especially suitable for urban transport. With an autonomy of 150 kilometers and the capacity to circulate at a maximum of 130 kilometers per hour, this proposal provides enough to cover the usual day-to-day journeys. In addition, it offers considerable flexibility for recharging, with two alternatives: the domestic socket and the specific charging terminal.

For less than 25,000: Volkswagen e-Up and smart ForFour & ForTwo.

Pulling the price up, but still containing it below 25,000 euros, there are three possibilities available to drivers: the Volkswagen e-Up and the smart ForFour & ForTwo. The first can be around 22,800, while in the case of Smart, the price scales to just over 23,300. With a little more autonomy than the Citroën (160 kilometers), the e-Up is also specially designed for urban transport and for comfort. Regarding the load, total ease. It can be plugged into any standard outlet or set up via a combined recharging system.

With the spirit of the Smart, its new electric fleet is also perfectly suited for transport in urban centers. Covered or convertible and with capacity for two or four people, it is easy to find in these models the one that suits the driver’s needs.

Between 25,000 and 30,000 euros: Hyundai, Nissan and Citroën.

Three brands for three other electric models that can be purchased for less than 30,000 euros. They are, specifically and in order from most affordable to least, the Hyundai Ioniq, the sales leader Nissan Leaf, and the Citroën E-Mehari. The jump in prices is noticeable in some aspects. With the Ioniq, for example, the distance in autonomy is clear. In this case, it is located at 280 kilometers, which greatly expands the spectrum compared to previous models. The design of this Hyundai’s proposal, very different from the rest, is also a differential note within this price range.

For its part, the Leaf is endorsed by its own brands, with up to 300,000 units sold in 49 countries since 2010, only its first version. It is the most sold and, not for that reason, it stops being among the most affordable. With a range that can reach 378 kilometers, this model offers many advances, including in driving assistance.

Finally, the list is closed by the E-Mehari, with which the range is opened to those looking for another type of design that has little or nothing to do with the previous ones. Its autonomy of 195 kilometers, its capacity to circulate at 110 kilometers per hour and the comfort it offers do not detract from this bold and colorful French model.

Doesn’t it reach you? Convert your own electric.

If none of these options fits your budget availability and you do not go down as an option to move to China to be able to access an E100, there are still possibilities so that you do not have to give up electric mobility. Which? You may be wondering. Well, to convert your old car into an electric one. It may not be the most comfortable or the fastest alternative, but it is possible. As Elektrun assures, an initiative to offer conversion support services, the cost of driving an electric car can be reduced with this option up to the range of 2,000 and 15,000 euros.

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