The City Of Bariloche Will Plant A Native Tree For Each New Birth

The city of Bariloche will plant an indigenous tree for each new birth

The city of Bariloche in Argentina wants to pay tribute to the 2,500 born each year and generate ecological awareness among its population.

The Deliberative Council of San Carlos de Bariloche has unanimously approved an ordinance to create an afforestation plan that aims to plant an indigenous tree for each new birth in the city.


After registering the birth, families can request a native or fruit species.

The commune will contribute to the neighborhoods that require afforestation the specimens that are not removed by the families.

Councilor Cristina Painefil, author of the project for the space Together We Are Bariloche, pointed out that

“Reaching families with an autochthonous tree, paying homage to a baby, universally and without distinction, is a way that all our neighborhoods look like when we were kids, with trees and fruit trees.

Painefil admitted – according to the ANB portal – that the impact of the launch of its initiative will only be seen in several years.

If measures of this type were the norm in most cities of the world, in a few years their impact would be impressive!

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