The Classic Land Rover Series Iii Is Back Now 100% Electric

Zero labs automotive’s innovative design team continues its line of classic electric vehicles with the recently launched Land Rover Series III SUV.

Redesigned to fit the future of energy, this electric car has a body that is reminiscent of the iconic 1971-1985 model.

With the Land Rover, the team uses the same powertrain from its electric Ford bronco that it debuted last year.

Zero labs automotive equips its brand new Land Rover series III SUV with a classic and contemporary interior, maintaining the design of the 20th century with its aluminum alloy bodywork.

The five-door Land Rover will come with an 85 or 100 kwh battery with a range of up to 380 kilometers, which is 300-600 horsepower.

The SUV is equipped with a new independent front and rear suspension – a completely new configuration. Zero labs introduces two iterations of its Series III SUV electric Land rover, offering a version that is open and beach-ready, and a second version with a traditional closed-top SUV body. Zero labs accepts orders, with deliveries beginning in 2021.

Our memories form the basis of our identity. They provide us with comfort in times of rapid transformation and uncertainty. The sentimental objects that we collect transport us to these times. Together, they are the way to keep our past aliveā€¦ classic vehicles represent this concept better than anything. But they are in danger. For a zero emission future – electric vehicles cannot remake the past. Surviving classic cars sell for higher prices than ever to private collections or die waiting for a future that won’t come. For most of the classics, the story ends the same way. They will no longer conduct themselves.

Zero labs.


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