The Company That Wants To Defeat The Coffee Capsules

The company that wants to defeat coffee pods

Coffee, with its incomparable aroma and flavor, is one of the pleasures that has been passed from generation to generation. So much so, that coffee consumption in Spain is up to approximately  600 cups per person per year. Or what is the same, 1.9 million capsules a day (only in Spain).

According to the capsule coffee brands themselves, only 10% of the capsules are recycled correctly… Imagine how many capsules become waste for the planet and think about where those capsules will end up. The aluminum, contained in the capsules, takes an average of 100 years to biodegrade.

Over the years, other alternatives for coffee consumption have emerged, such as encapsulated coffee. This has been growing in popularity, and it is a product in which we find a portion of coffee in a filter bag or in an aluminum capsule.

However, encapsulated coffee has its drawbacks, and that is the message that Incapto  Coffee transmits every day  . This initiative seeks to  defeat coffee capsules, always highlighting that the aroma and flavor of a traditional coffee is much better, in addition to not generating polluting waste. Zero waste since the only thing that we will remove from the coffee maker is the coffee itself, which you can use, for example, to revitalize your plants.

Although capsule coffee came to innovate espresso making in Spain, the reality is that it does not equal the good taste left by freshly ground coffee, since its origin and quality are incomparable. In addition to this, ground coffee loses 50% of its aroma and properties within 24 hours of being ground. Hence, it is important to take it freshly ground. In short,  the  coffee beans  far outstrips coffee encapsulated with a taste able to captivate the most discerning palates.

Another factor to take into account,  natural coffee is 100% pure  and consequently its properties act for the benefit of our body, while in capsule coffee you do not know what coffee you are actually consuming (chemical components included).

Incapto Coffee

Automated coffee beans coffee machines.

One of the reasons encapsulated coffee is popular is because it allows us to make a cup of coffee very quickly. However, this practicality is the same that we can find in  coffee bean coffee machines , thanks to which you can get a  cup of coffee quickly and without compromising the exquisite taste of coffee beans.

It is a comfortable, easy-to-use coffee machine that  does not generate polluting residues  (unlike encapsulated coffee machines). It generates coffee pits that you can even use to fertilize your garden.

With these coffee makers, Incapto Coffee  encourages the consumption of traditional coffee, which is unmatched in its flavor and aroma.

In this way, to prepare a  delicious cup of coffee with this coffee maker  , all you will need is water, coffee beans and adjust the coffee measure to your liking. As simple as that. Then, you can also perfect the preparation and add milk, regulate the mill, etc …

The Incapto coffee maker has a cost of 379 euros, but if they are obtained with an  annual coffee subscription, the price drops to 249 euros, not to mention that you can also save on the purchase of the different  packs of coffee  beans that the company offers. An incredible offer! if we compare it with the cost of coffee capsules. I assure you that the coffee maker pays for itself; With a consumption of 1-2 coffees a day, in less than 6 months you already have the investment recovered. Not to mention the amount of waste that you will stop generating and the best quality and experience of the coffee you are going to drink.

Incapto Cafe

A good cup of coffee at the best price.

Many think that drinking coffee beans is more expensive than coffee in capsules, so they decide to opt for the latter to save some money. However, this is not the case in most cases, and to test this theory Incapto has an  online calculator  that allows you to calculate the amount of money you save by consuming a cup of coffee beans vs. the premium capsules.

To use this tool, you just have to indicate what your daily coffee consumption is. Thus, using that information together with the costs of the coffee maker and the price of the coffee,  the tool tells you the amount of money you save.

The best coffee for you

As if that were not enough, and unlike encapsulated coffee, this company also allows you to buy only the coffee that best suits your needs. Incapto has a wide range of Arabica, bio and fair trade coffee that varies in terms of flavor intensity and nuances depending on the origin: Africa, South America, Central America, Asia.

The Incapto website offers you the best  coffee recommendations, according to your tastes. This way, you will ensure that you get an exquisite and delicious coffee, especially for you.

Learn more

This company is not only satisfied with offering quality products that far exceed encapsulated coffee, but also seeks to make users aware of coffee consumption. On its YouTube channel , Incapto has a large number of videos and resources where they talk about the many advantages of coffee beans over coffee in capsules. Let’s get to the point!

Let’s return to the consumption of traditional coffee, while saving and taking care of our health and the environment .”

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