The Cooperative That Has Turned Brazil Into The Largest Organic Rice Producer In Latin America

Brazil rice cooperative

Today we are talking about  Coopat, a cooperative of the MST ( landless movement ), in the Lagoa settlement that was formed in 1995 where about 90 people live in a very well organized town, decorated with flowers and birds. The cooperative came soon after, in 1998. The importance of working collectively is ingrained in their culture.

Over the years, they had a pretty bad experience with the use of pesticides. One of the peasants fell to the ground, dizzy, bleeding from his mouth. From then on a new era began in the city. They banished the poison and now they only have 100% organic crops. Today Coopat is made up of 400 families that settled in Rio Grande do Sul and that form the largest organic rice brand in Latin America.

Cooperativa rice Brasil1

The cooperative is made up of simple people, workers, early risers, who have families, who pay their bills and who produce organic rice that does not poison anyone or the earth.

Cooperativa rice Brasil2

There they grow rice as it has been cultivated for centuries.

Cooperativa arroz Brasil3

Cooperativa rice Brasil4

Rice Cooperative Brasil5

Its most important clients are municipal schools. Grouped together with other organic producers with the “Wonder” brand, they distribute organic rice to public schools throughout Brazil.

More and more farmers and communities are returning to the cultivation techniques that our grandparents used.



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