The Coronavirus Returns Crystal Clear Waters To The Canals Of Venice

The Coronavirus continues to clean the planet. The water in the canals of Venice looks crystal clear, not even the oldest in the place remember something like that.

The spread of the coronavirus is affecting the entire world and we are expected to face difficult times. But with the decrease in the movement of people, many cities are experiencing a significant decrease in their environmental problems.

In Venice the quality of the water improves. The canals have never had such crystal clear water.

Suddenly, from their balconies, Venetians see clean and transparent water. Like you’ve never seen it before.

Venice, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

After the satellite images that show how nitrogen dioxide emissions have been drastically reduced in Italy, we see the photos of the beautiful Venice that show canals with clear water, without that petroleum color that we were already used to.

The water is so clear that for the first time you can see the bottom and the fish swimming.

The clean water is the result of the lack of vaporettos and large ships that stop daily at the port of La SerenĂ­sima, polluting and moving the seabed, turning it cloudy.

Nature regains control.

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