The Cove. The Bloody Slaughter Of Dolphins In Japan

The Cove.  The bloody slaughter of dolphins in Japan

“The Cove” visually describes the capture and use of the dolphins in Japan, after their bloody slaughter. Activists show us very harsh images of the hunting in the Taiji National Park, Wakayama, which undoubtedly represent a shame for our society, but they want to be a tool to raise awareness about how ruthless human beings are when it comes to reaching their goals. business goals.

The dolphin is probably the most intelligent animal on the globe. They are able to help each other if one of their kind is sick, they can recognize themselves in a mirror, they understand some human attitudes, they even have feelings and develop their own culture, an aspect that until 2005 was believed to be exclusive in the human race.

But despite the surprising capacities of this marine animal, by culture, in Japan its meat is commercialized, which means the killing of this species mainly in a Taiji National Park, Wakayama, through a hunting day that is carried out annually.

The number of dolphins killed in Taiji is far greater than the number of whales hunted in Antarctica, and there are records indicating that around 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are hunted in Japan each year by that country’s whaling industry.

The dolphins are herded into a secluded bay, where they are caught with nets and liquidated through spears, transported in small fishing boats. The carnage is so bloody that the sea literally turns red.

Dolphin meat is highly toxic due to its high concentration of mercury, which poses a risk to the health of the Japanese, however, the Japanese authorities have allowed the supply of this meat in the food of the schools that is provided to them. children in these houses of study, even in some supermarkets dolphin meat is marketed with labels as if they were whale.

Original title: The Cove.
Year: 2009.
Director: Louie Psihoyos.
Script: Mark Monroe.
Duration: 92 minutes.
Country: United States.

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