The “electrolineras” Of The Future Have A Spanish Stamp

The "electrolineras" of the future have a Spanish stamp

Four Spanish entities have developed in the SIRVE project an innovative concept of electric vehicle charging station. The new system integrates renewable electricity generation and energy storage, thus helping to maintain the stability of the electricity grid.

Four Aragonese entities have presented a new charging station for electric vehicles, which could set the standards for future “electrolineras” around the world.

The SIRVE electric station has been developed by Urbener, Zoilo Ríos SA, Pronimetal and the CIRCE Foundation. The main novelty of these units lies in their ability to produce renewable electricity and store energy.

Specifically, one of the most revolutionary points is the existence of an energy storage equipment inside. The system consists of lithium batteries with a capacity of 20kWh, and a power of 20kVA, which allows to compensate active and reactive power. In this way, the station reduces the impact that electric vehicles could cause on the electricity grid, acting as a stabilizing system, something that until now had not been able to combine in an installation of this type.

The canopy has several connections that allow users to charge different modes, from the conventional one, which requires several hours to charge the vehicle, to the fast one, which carries out the full charge in just fifteen minutes. Its own structure integrates a photovoltaic installation that supplies the batteries with renewable energy whenever possible, minimizing consumption from the grid.

SERVES electric gas station

Its installation is simple and can be done in less than 24 hours. In addition, its modular design allows the incorporation of successive units, responding to a large number of applications ranging from individual points to large surfaces such as airports, shopping centers, etc. In this design, other factors such as facilitating accessibility for all users have also been specially taken into account.

The SIRVE point is in operation at the El Portazgo service station, owned by Zoilo Ríos SA, in Zaragoza, and it already appears in the European list of stations for electric vehicles “Electromaps”. Thus, it becomes the first public electric station in Spain of these characteristics and becomes a model to follow in future installations.

The project has already received the first recognitions, being recently awarded in the Awards for the best practice in sustainable mobility of the Renault Foundation. Now that it is finished, the SIRVE prototypes are ready to start production and commercialization, offering new business avenues and opportunities to the electric mobility sector.

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