The Empire State Building Could Be Green

The Empire State Building can be green

The Empire State Building was built as a sign of prosperity and wealth. With the passage of time, the concept of prosperity should change, it should not measure how much money you have, it should measure what your relationship with Mother Nature is.

Empire State Building green2

Empire State Building green4

Recover Labs has designed a giant transparent structure built around the Empire State Building. This structure is thought and designed to create a closed ecosystem around the building, with several parks, urban orchards and gardens at different levels, a solar energy generation system and water treatment. An ecosystem that claims to be self-sufficient.

Empire State Building green5

Empire State Building green3

Even if it’s just a concept, I love it! It looks great! I hope we will see buildings like this one day!

Empire state building

Do you notice any difference with the original;)?

Designers: Soomin Kim & Seo-Hyun Oh via

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