The English Publisher Who Bequeathed £ 170 Million To Create England’s Largest Forest

Felix Dennis : an eccentric and unconventional life, but one last act will surely be what is remembered in his entire history: in his will he left almost 170 million pounds for the creation of an immense forest.

The English publisher, who in the 1970s and 1980s built an empire with periodicals on motorsports, computers, gardening, cycling, fitness, the occult and hobbies: 30 titles with a total of 2.5 million copies per month, was not a A man who hid his private life, he once said that he had burned more than a hundred million euros in women, alcohol and drugs.

Nobody knows how true this story is, but what is true is that during his life he planted more than a million trees creating a huge forest near his home in Dorsington, not far from Stratford-upon-Avon in Shakespeare, a about 140 km from London.

But not only that, after his premature death, in his will he left 170 million pounds to plant more trees and create an even bigger forest, of more than 100 square kilometers.

All this because Felix Dennis always loved trees and was happy when he planted them. Today, the Heart of England Forest, the foundation financed by the sale of its publishing house, is already a reality.

The tree planting season will begin on November 1 with the goal of reaching ten million. The forest, according to the editor’s will, is open to everyone free of charge, both to visitors and to those who want to help planting as volunteers.

In fact, it is possible to collaborate in the project by planting a tree yourself or by leaving a small donation so that the name of the person you love is the name of that tree.

One of the editor’s wishes is that not a single tree can be cut down from his forest because every oak or birch must be preserved for future generations.

The forest must be open to all, beloved, allowing visitors to visit the protected habitats of many of the animals it shelters. The trees that are planted are mainly oak and ash, but also maples and cherry trees.

I wish there were many more projects like this!

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