The First Electric Cars In History: 1880-1920

The first electric cars in history: 1880-1920

Electric cars are not a recent innovation. They have been around for as long as those powered by internal combustion engines exist. First produced in the 1880s, electric cars gained popularity in subsequent decades for their ease of use, and for being less smelly and noisy than their gasoline counterparts.

With a top speed of only 32 km / h and a limited range, they were used mainly by the wealthy to circulate around cities. They were marketed for women in particular as a quiet, clean and smoke-free car. Some were even made with fake radiators to make them more palatable to the male market.

In cars electricity is the option. They don’t have squeaky gears or confusing levers, they don’t use dangerous, smelly gasoline, and there’s no noise. Thomas Edison.

Sales of electric cars peaked in the early 1910s as more and more homes had electricity. In the United States, 38% of the cars on the road were electric.

However, the popularity of electric cars waned with the numerous developments that made gasoline cars a more affordable and practical option.

In 1910 The New York Times published:

Now it is possible to have your own electric vehicle by installing a charging station in your own stable.

Columbia electric car
1899. Columbia Electric Car.
Thomas Edison's electric car
1895. Thomas Edison presents his first electric car, the Edison Baker, and one of its batteries.
Detroit electric car
1920. A Detroit Electric car on a mountain road between Seattle and Mount Rainier, Washington.
Electric car cleaner in Berlin
1907. An electric sweeper cleans the road in Berlin, Germany.
Electric car Paris
1899. Camille Jenatzy drives her own design electric car near Paris, France. He was the first person to exceed 100 kilometers per hour in a car.
Electric car being charged
1900. Electric car charging.
Mercury electric in charging station
1910. Electric car with charging station in a garage in Cleveland, Ohio.
Electric car ad
1910. Electric cars advertisement.

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