The First Hydrogeneration Plant In Spain Will Be In Madrid

A Hydrogen Refueling Station that will operate at 700 bar / Mpa supply pressure, with Hydrogen with a purity of 99.99%. It will be located in the north of Madrid and will initially serve a fleet of 12 Toyota Mirai used by various companies.

Emprende (a subsidiary of Enagás), Toyota Spain and Urbaser have signed an agreement to build the first hydrogen refueling station in Spain for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It will be located at the EESS San Antonio SL located on Avenida de Manoteras 34 in Madrid.

Hydrogen is a real, clean and sustainable alternative to traditional fuels.

The station will serve 12 Toyota Mirai, a 100% electric vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell, which is powered by electricity produced by the chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen stored in the tank. It has 155 hp with a range of 500 km. Its only emission to the outside is water vapor, which is why it is considered a zero emissions vehicle.

The report lasts 5 minutes, which can be equivalent to a vehicle with a traditional internal combustion engine.

Real alternatives to the most polluting fossil fuels.

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