The Fracking War

The fracking war

The term fracking  is the technique by which the extraction of oil and natural gas is achieved by fracturing or drilling the soils until reaching unconventional deposits.

This documentary of Argentine origin, with production and script by the director Fernando Pino Solanas, which was released in 2013, shows how the exploitation of natural resources in Argentina and other parts of the world are generating serious environmental problems and abuses towards the inhabitants and workers who practice their professions in industry.

The fracking war, where did it come from?

The practice of fracking pollutes in such a way that when drilling the ground, toxic chemical residues remain that contaminate the water found in the subsoil, which is considered the only existing reserves of drinking water that can save our lives in the future. A practice that ecological and environmental movements reject outright due to its high level of contamination.

The production lasts 85 minutes and shows how a trip to the Vaca Muerta oil field in Argentina, generates great concern due to the collection of surprising images and testimonies from the inhabitants of the area who affirm that the levels of contamination have reached an impressive harmful level , directly affecting many people and which could be even worse in the future. The companies that own these wells are not in favor of being prohibited from using this technique, since it is one of the most effective in extracting all the fossil fruits found under the ground.

This problem also occurs in countries such as France, Bulgaria, the United States, Chile or Bolivia, where this practice is prohibited or is under discussion due to the evidence provided that it is a practice hostile to human life.

The fracking war promises to clarify reality and awaken the environmental awareness in each viewer, completely necessary to combat all those activities in the primary sector that directly and indirectly affect large and small populations. In addition to achieving that environmental unions and regulations are formalized that oblige companies to comply with the mineral extraction procedure without the need to completely destroy large areas of land.

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