The Giant Sailboats That Want To Clean The Oceans Of Plastic


The association in defense of the environment, The Sea Cleaners, led by Yvan Bourgnon, proposes to clean the plastic of the oceans using giant solar sailboats. It is presented in society at the Climate Summit in Marrakech. They will use their sails to propel themselves as well as a kitesurfing system. They will generate their own energy using solar panels.

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A project that aims to fight against a major problem in our environment, the plastic garbage that is accumulating in our oceans and which, according to calculations, increases by eight million tons every year. A plastic that is slowly killing marine life.


The first of the sailboats to be built will be 70 m long by 49 m wide by 72 m high (including the sails).

The sailboat will be equipped with a plastic collector, inspired by the baleen of whales. This collector will be able to filter and collect the plastic that floats in the sea.


The sailboat can store up to 600 cubic meters of plastic in its holds. The collected plastic will be compressed in the warehouses to reduce its volume.

You can see the design in this video:


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