The Het Engine Wants To Revolutionize Electric Cars, Less Weight, More Efficiency And Twice The Power

Linear Labs wants to reinvent electric motors, and they want to do it with their new electric motors that have much higher torque and power, so they are more efficient than the current motors that we can find in electric vehicles on the market.

Since they are known, electric motors have evolved little or nothing. The engine featured by Linear Labs is therefore a breakthrough for the industry.

Linear Labs HET Engine.

With this new HET (Hunstable Electric Turbine) electric motor, the company guarantees that the gearbox is unnecessary, since the motor guarantees much more torque at low speeds, as well as more power at high speeds.

The opposite of current electric motors, since they are associated with a gearbox, which allows a greater output rotation for electric cars, maintaining the same number of revolutions in the range of higher efficiency.

Linear Labs expects to debut its new HET engine on a scooter in 2020, and on a prototype car in 2021.

What is the secret of HET electric motors?

Linear Labs resorted to the use of 4 rotors in combination with a coil. This coil has an innovative format, which allows the magnetic fields to be changed according to the needs of the moving electric vehicle.

In this way, with this system, the electric motors will be able to run smoothly at low speeds, as well as at higher speeds, without having to resort to the mechanical gearbox.

Essentially, this means less weight, less cost and less complexity in the electric motor.

Linear Labs guarantees that this new motor is 20% more efficient than current conventional electric motors.

This is how the Linear Labs HET engine works.

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