The Importance Of Tires In Vehicle Efficiency

The importance of tires in vehicle efficiency

Tires are a very important factor in the fuel consumption of a vehicle, it is today and will continue to be so in the future.

Fuel consumption in both internal combustion and electric or hybrid cars is largely influenced by tires, by their design, efficiency, quality and maintenance.

Tires can help us consume less fuel, whether we decide on efficient tires, for example those designed to have low rolling resistance, or if we maintain them properly, for example maintaining the inflation pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

On the other hand, although the recycling of tires is increasingly common and efficient, they are a big problem for our environment. In addition to helping us consume less fuel, more efficient tires and proper maintenance make their useful life much longer. And this detail is extremely important, since only in Spain around 300,000 tons of used tires are generated each year, imagine the amount of waste. The longer the tire life has, the less waste is generated. 

Tires are made of rubber and steel mainly, textile in the case of passenger cars. These materials are separated in specialized treatment plants. Rubber is the most abundant waste, to restore its value it is given various uses, such as artificial grass fillings, buffer layer for safety pavements, thermal and acoustic insulation plates for construction, or aggregate for asphalting roads. .

Among the different brands in the market that have adopted efficiency as their flag, we find Coopertires, well known in the 4 × 4 and rally sector, a brand that has chosen quality as a differential factor with respect to its competition.


Its tires are thought and designed to favor fuel savings due to their low rolling resistance, and they also emit very little noise level, which is known as noise pollution, compared to the tires of its competitors.

They have just launched an initiative where they want to value their quality, efficiency and durability.

Cooper Compromise.

The initiative allows us to test your tires for a month or the first 1,000 kilometers with the option of return from purchase, without any type of commitment, except for the reasons specified in the section “What the warranty does not cover”. You can check the Coopertires online platform, as well as coverage for accidental damage.

In this sense, Coopertires offers us the best guarantee on the market : 48,000 kilometers.

You can benefit from the advantages of the “Coopertire Commitment” with a simple and straightforward registration through, within 14 days from the date of purchase of the tires.

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